About the Artists

The View from Cardrona, New Zealand Louise Beer ©2019

The View from Cardrona, New Zealand Louise Beer ©2019

Louise Beer
Louise uses installation, moving image, photography and sound to explore humanity's evolving understanding of the nature of existence and the universe itself. Using reflective surfaces, light, darkness and astronomically inspired forms, Louise creates objects and experiences that reflect the incomprehensibility of the night sky. Researching archeoastronomy and antiquarian astronomical texts, Louise uses humanity’s historical notions of the existence of life as a starting point. Combined with an understanding of the seemingly beyond-the-imagination current scientific theories of the beginning of the universe to the very nature of reality, Louise endeavours to highlight humanity’s infancy of understanding of the universe and that we remain in a time where even the implausible is possible. 

Louise is a co-director of Lumen, super/collider, Pale Blue Dot Collective and Print Science. Louise has exhibited extensively across the UK and in Russia, Israel, the USA, Germany and Italy. Louise has collaborated with and curated events and workshops at organisations such as the Science Museum, Bompas and Parr, Greenman Festival, British Science Association, Second Home, the Ace Hotel, Floating Cinema, The Collective, Tate Britain, SALT Festival Norway, Soho House Group, Nablus Festival Israel, Blue Dot Festival, Young and Serious and Vivid Projects. In 2019, Louise was the lead artist on a super/collider x Sail Britain sailing residency which aims to promote a wider understanding of ocean plastic. Within her collectives, Louise has curated over 50 exhibitions and events with overarching focus on astronomy and ecology. Louise is currently on the London Creative Network at Space Studios and a member of the Arts Territory Exchange.

John Hooper
John Hooper is a photographer who started his career shooting for lifestyle magazines at the start of the millennium. Having shot many intriguing artists, musicians and actors. Over 15 years experience as a photographer and director of photography has led John to collaborate on projects for numerous commissions. From 2010’s commission for Its Nice That with Art and Grafts Michael Moloney exploring 24hrs above lake Windermere in the Lake District, to the Blue Dot commission this year exploring the passage of light from the sun. The highly polished commercial work John is involved with has led him to throw off the shackles of post production and create work in camera where the limits are collaborators on the final work.

John is co-director of Pale Blue Dot Collective and a regular contributor to super/collider. He has been using his photography to discover the natural world and the vastness above our heads. Not taking the traditional route of many astro photographers John prefers to navigate the heavens using skills honed from years of landscape photography.