Te Ao/ The Universe 

Te Ao

This image was taken in Napier, New Zealand.

I, Louise Beer, recently went to New Zealand for several weeks.

The backyard of the house I was staying in provided an opportunity to contemplate humanities relationship with star light. Growing up in Dunedin, New Zealand, offered access to view our cosmic neighbourhood, the Milky Way. As a child interested in the mysteries of space, I didn’t take it for granted, but I did assume it would always be part of the night sky. It is incredibly moving to see the bigger picture, the image that our ancestors have seen throughout human history. Now living in London, the Milky Way is missing from view. The few visible stars are dim in comparison to the glittering lights of the New Zealand night sky. The stars are so vibrant, it is impossible to not stop and look. How is our changing view of the Milky Way impacting the way that we see ourselves, within the universe? Are we losing sight of our evolutionary journey, and the miraculous events that have enabled us sight and sentience to view the dark, unfathomable universe?