Preservation of Visible Starlight

The piece is a response to ever increasing air and light pollution that we now see the wondrous universe through. Through the loss of natural darkness and natural starlight we are becoming more insular as societies, more destructive and less cosmically minded. We are losing access to the the huge questions we face as a sentient species, with untold consequences.

The other side of the story is of course, the unforgivable impact humanities actions are having on all flora and fauna and the change we are inflicting on this planet, that can never be undone.

Over the course of an exhibition, the light slowly fades until it is no longer visible.

‘..humankind has always observed the sky either to interpret it or to understand the physical laws that govern the universe, and that this interest in astronomy has had profound implications for science, philosophy, culture, and our general conception of the universe..’

Declaration in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight (La Palma Declaration), 2007.

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